The Next Big Thing In Crypto!


Tips for the Registration Process:

  • Make Sure You Bind Your Telegram Account To Your Torexo Account First.

  • After registering, the first thing you need to do is connect your Telegram account to Torexo:

  • Go to Profile –> Settings. Grab the secret key and send it to the

  • Then you go to “Top Up” in the dashboard and choose the the currency that you want to replenish with.

  • Enter the amount of TD you want to buy. 1 TD = 1 USDT.

  • After funds arrive on your balance, buy your package under Finances —> My Investments by clicking on Buy.

  • @TorexoCodeBot will send you a confirmation code to confirm the purchase.


TOREXO has Launched on 6-14-2021.

CEO is Leonardo Santoro

  • Floating daily rewards are approx. 1% and can reach 1.2% depending on your own deposit.
  • Maximum contribution in the pre-launch phase will be $1000.
  • Packages are dollar based and can be purchased with BTC or USDT.
  • Compensation plan will include car and real estate incentives.
  • Torexo to launch an exchange, a coin and an e-commerce platform.
  • Very competitive compensation plan with unilevel, binary and career bonuses.
    4% to 15% binary bonus.
  • Binary payouts are based on the 60/40 rule (at least 40% on the weak leg).
  • Binary payouts will be capped at 10x of direct sales (10k direct sales will enable you to earn 100k binary).
  • Advanced career system with massive earning potential.

Passive Income

Your active deposit will determine your daily rewards. Your daily reward will range around 1% and will increase depending on your active deposit.

The bigger your deposit, the higher your earning potential.


Unilevel Bonus

Your active deposit will determine the number of levels you will be paid from.

The bigger your deposit, the higher your earning potential.

Example: Your active deposit is 10,000 USD. You will earn unilevel bonuses from 4 levels.
  • Level 1 = 5%
  • Level 2 = 2%
  • Level 3 = 1%
  • Level 4 = 0.5%

Binary bonuses

Your career status and your direct sales volume will determine your binary bonus. Your binary bonus will be 4% from the start and will increase depending on your career status.
Your career status will depend on the following criteria:
  • Your active deposit
  • Your direct sales volume
  • Your sales volume in the first 5 levels
  • Career statuses in your direct line
  • Your weak leg sales volume

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Your binary bonus will be capped at 10x your direct sales volume. In addition, an efficiency ratio will apply.

Efficiency ratio is determined by your direct sales volume.


With Torexo we have a very well thought out compensation plan that offers a great balance between sustainability and earning potential for active affiliate partners.

We know that very well established competitors start making changes to the their compensation plans when new investments slow down.

Torexo has considered many different scenarios while designing the compensation plan and learnt from mistakes of other comparable businesses.

Especially the fact we can’t deposit more than 1,000 USD in the pre-launch phase tells us that we are dealing with smart and cautious business owners. Controlled inflow of new deposits will help sustainability enormously.

Next steps

TOREXO Finance has launched on 6-14-2021.

Here is a checklist to consider while preparing for the launch:

1. Every Torexo ID will be tied to a Telegram account. If you plan to create multiple IDs, please prepare multiple Telegram accounts.

2. There will be a minor replenishment commission of approx. 2%. Please make sure you prepare enough funds to buy the package you want.

3. Following currencies will be accepted for replenishments: BTC, ETH, USDT-ERC20, USDT-TRC20. The fastest and most economic way to replenish will be USDT-TRC20 (available on Binance).

4. There will be a feature that allows you to replenish a bigger amount to one account and distribute the funds to multiple accounts via internal transfers.